Adding to the Legacy of AG Holder:


AG Holder also mislead and lied to congress over targeting US citizens under the patriot act in order to protect the Novation (GPO) cartel that is the main subject in the true story box office motion picture "Puncture".

“Puncture" The Movie…...Will Congress Answer?:


The Movie shows how $80 Billion a year in Medicare fraud works. Holder and company targeted private litigation while the FBI and DOJ with the help of Federal and State courts targeted the plaintiff.


The Novation companies involved make big contributions to our legislators and executive branch. GE is a partner member with Novation and recently moved its xray division to China.


Holder was sent numerous requests to help stop the corruption and misconduct.


But, the lawless DOJ and FBI in Kansas City used every means possible to stop the civil litigation against Novation while Federal and State courts protected the cover up and prevented evidence from being presented to a Jury.